For complicated IT projects, it is crucial to get an overall picture of situations and have a clear architecture design.
That’s what we are good at. Our core team members are experts from multiple functional areas and have all the knowledges and skills to help on:

• Streamling the Process and Idetifying the Root Causes

• Mapping out the Landscape and Setting the Tone

• Working out the Solution and Project Plan



We Help Customers Truly Understand Their Needs!

Our client is the Bureau of Commerce of a big city in middle China. This project aims to set up a process and system to ensure the capability of daily bare necessities supplies when there is an emergency.

Our Solution:
A holistic view rather than a single tracking system:
•How to define the “supply capability”?
•What’s does “bare necessities supplies ”?
•How to evaluate the capability?
•How to build the capability?