Our client launched this project in Y2021 aimed to integrate legacy applications into a unified CRM platform within 18 months. It was very complicated: 

  • Exchanges data with 26 eco-systems
  • Huge historical data for 10+ brands
  • Involves all APAC subsidiaries, 20+vendors

Half years passed and no much progress has been made, then we were involved to be PMO

Root Cause Analysis:

We figured out the root cause by FMEA:

  • No centralized project management office
  • No clear project scope, no clear RACI
  • Insufficient end user involvement
  • No clear project end statement
  • Vendors were not on the same page
  • No aligned cut off plan

Our Solution:

We provided senior project managers:

  • Set up the Project Management Office
  • Standardized project reporting structure
  • Aligned project scope, baseline and RACI
  • Reorganized the project team
  • Streamlined vendor communication channel


  • TW region went alive on time, JP / KR / CN / SG is on-going and on track
  • PMO methodologies has been adopted by client and a strong PM team was built
  • Well recognized by our client that we were chosen for following maintenance management!